Elisha Shapiro (aka Nihilist Field Marshal Shapiro) is a Los Angeles-based media prankster and conceptual artist. He has been creating his neo-dadaesque public spectacles for the past 25 years and first came to public attention with his 1984 Nihilist Olympics. The Olympics were followed by a Nihilist campaign for President in 1988 and a Nihilist campaign for LA County Sheriff in 1994. Nihilism Expo--a World's Fair for Nihilists was his project, staged in 1999. He currently hosts a monthly cable TV show called Nihilists' Corner. In 2006, Shapiro was the Nihilist Party Candidate for Governor of California.

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For those of you who were drawn here by the above photograph, I've linked a page of my photographic work for you amusement.

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