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Looking for that perfect Christmas gift for your nihilist friends?  You’re in luck.  The new 2018 Nihilism Calendar is out now.  Featured in the all new 2018 Nihilism Calendar are all the gruesome, violent and just plain funny events that shock us every day in the newspaper. The Nihilism Calendar combines irreverent humor, grotesque and curious dates of significance, demented press clippings and peculiar snapshots, all of which celebrate reality as nihilists like to see it.

This calendar is part of Elisha Shapiro's ongoing conceptual art exploration of Nihilism. Shapiro, a Los Angeles-based conceptual artist, is known for his 1984 Nihilist Olympics, his 2006 Nihilist Party Campaign for Governor of California, and his 1988 Presidential campaign.

Elisha Shapiro began publishing his Nihilism Calendar in 1980. For many years it was only available in a few Los Angeles bookstores and galleries. It was sought after by many who appreciated Shapiro's unusual work. It is now available directly from the Nihilist Press by mailing $14.95 to PO Box 36422, Los Angeles, CA 90036, or by going to the Nihilists’ Corner website ( where Paypal is accepted. For shipping out of the U.S., please add $3.

The 2018 Nihilism Calendar includes over a thousand dates of nihilist significance. Here are just a few:


The 2018 Calendar also includes several actual newspaper articles every month. Here are the headlines from just a few of them:



See a free sample page of this year's Calendar.

Click on the links below to download a pdf.

July Part I

July Part II


Where do you buy your Nihilism Calendar?

The calendars are available in some bookstores, but not in others. If you want one, and your local bookstore refuses to order it, just send $14.95 to:

Nihilist Press, Box 36422, Los Angeles, CA 90036.
(For shipping out of the U.S., please add $3.)

We'll send one right out to you via US mail. You can order the 2016 calendar now, and you can order the 2017 calendar October 2016. If you are a bookstore owner and want to order some Nihilism Calendars, email, and we'll put you in touch with the distributor who handles it.


Save Time and Money!

If you pay for your calendar with PayPal, we will be able to mail your calendar immediately, and you will pay only $10, a discount of $4.95 . (For shipping out of the U.S., please add $3.)

The current calendar will be mailed even though paypal mentions an older version.

Nihilist bumper stickers are also available for $2 each.


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