Nihilist Film Festival

The 2017 Nihilist Film Festival
was held at the Echo Park Film Center
on Friday, December 15 at 8:30
The Echo Park Film Center is located at 1200 N. Alvarado Street at Sunset in Echo Park.

For the eighteenth year, the Nihilist Cultural Foundation presented the Nihilist International Film Festival. This year’s evening of films was presented at the Echo Park Film Center. The show started at 8:30 pm on Friday, December 15. The festival included two hours of short films from around the country and around the world. The films range from troubling to hilarious, from profound to completely silly. Pretty much, something for everyone (except children and clergy).

Festival Director Elisha Shapiro commented, “Seventeen years of hilariously offensive short films…I really thought we would have caused the rapture by now. Guess there’s no downside to mocking all that’s holy.”

As a special feature, all those who bring their own televisions and arrive fifteen minutes early will be able to include their appliances in the traditional ritual Blessing of the Televisions featuring the high priestess of performance art, Anna Homler.

Entries for next year:

"If you've made a video that has appalled and offended other film festivals,"
says Nihilist Film Festival organizer Elisha Shapiro, "we're looking for you."
Artists and video-makers who want to submit videos for this year should send
an unprotected DVD (ntsc) copy to the:

Nihilist Film Festival
Box 36422
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Include a self-addressed-stamped envelop if you want your DVD returned.
The deadline is September 15, 2018.
If you have questions, you can e-mail


See last year's program below.

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The 2017 Nihilist Film Festival
was held at the Echo Park Film Center
on Friday, December 15 at 8:30

Program 2017

Holy F__k                                                        8 minutes
Chris Chalklen                                                   England

HOLY F__K is a darkly erotic and comedic short film about a demon and an exorcist’s deadly sexual tangle towards release.


Desintegration                                                  8:33 minutes
Gwenael Chevalier                                              Paris

In a cold, minimalist space, a group gathers to party. Leo, who tries to fit in but is rejected by every single one of the guests, ends up disappearing in the most humiliating circumstances


Go Teach!                                                            4:22 minutes
Storm Garner                                                        Brooklyn NY

A 5-minute silent xylophone-accompanied physical comedy, set in contemporary academia: a nervous new professor arrives early to prepare to teach his first class and finds himself locked inside his classroom. This is the filmmaker’s first narrative short, mentored by the late Alex Sichel, who taught film directing at Columbia University in 2010, re-edited a few years later, lost to a faulty hard drive, found in wrong-format pieces, and reconstituted, sort of, for now, more recently. All drives fail eventually! There’s a lesson in there somewhere. Dedicated, in gratitude, to all those who teach.


Ta Daa!                                                              5:46 minutes
Subash Sachidananda                                          India

A man records himself dressed up as a joker and performing magic tricks - or is it just magic he wants to show?

17:17                                                                   1:40 minutes
Susu Laroche                                                        England

A car crash, salmon skin cowgirls fight over time.
Second of 4 manic episodes re-formatting the presentation of female hysteria and irrational emotional response to crises.


Sam the Ham                                                      1 minute
Michele Haines                                                      Los Angeles
A dark animated comedy about a sweet, naive piglet whose father sees him as a meal ticket


The Rocky Roads                                                  1:32 minutes
Robert Kleinschmidt                                                  Brooklyn

The “forgotten” television variety show The Rocky Roads is back with all new adventures.

Fantastic Four                                                       20:44 minutes
Juan Bermudez                                                        Warsaw, Poland

A young man destined to die in a hospital receives, through a hole on the wall, an unusual visit from a fellow patient.


The Contract                                                            6:35 minutes
Jupe Louhelainen                                                        Finland

The drag queen housewife, Carlotta Moore, is minding her own business in her suburban home. The doorbell rings. The dog goes crazy. It’s the fucking Jehova’s witness at the door! And she’s got a .357 Magnum and an itchy trigger finger! A day in the life of a cocaine peddling cross dresser.


Spot Burner                                                             3:57 minutes
David Pickett                                                             Norway

I don‘t know who it is, it‘s not me. Looks like me, talks like me. It‘s not me... Spot burner


Ecce Homo                                                              8 minutes
Andrea Moneta                                                         Italy

Once upon the future, in a history museum, a robot teacher is doing a lesson about machine evolution to his robot pupils. But one student loses his way starting a desperate run through rooms and time. At last, the teacher and his pupil find each other again in front of the remains of an ancient animal--the man.


The Sunflowers - Mountain                                    2:18 minutes
Júlio Dantas                                                               Lisboa, Portugal

An underage rampage...


Framed                                                                    7 minutes
Marco Jemolo                                                           Italy

Framed is a noir animated short-film, which investigates the role of the individual in society.
In an anonymous police station, F.K. asks the Law for help in the attempt to report the abuses he has been through: his birth, his formation, his forced work.
He will end up stuck in an endless nightmare.


Audience Favorite Award
A King’s Betrayal                                                    8:27 minutes
David Bornstein                                                          Los Angeles

The final 24 hours in the life of a Piñata, as told from the Piñata’s perspective.


Suicide Planner                                                        5 minutes
Tara McGorry, Robbie Bruens & Jessica Lange          Los Angeles

Suicides aren’t going to plan themselves. For all the excited corpses-to-be out there, the Suicide Planner offers her expertise and advice about how to make the day of your death completely unforgettable. But killing yourself isn’t as easy as it looks, and you won’t believe the drama that comes along with ending it all for good.


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