Nihilist Film Festival

The 2015 Nihilist Film Festival
will be held at the Echo Park Film Center
on Friday, December 18 at 8:30
The Echo Park Film Center is located at 1200 N. Alvarado Street at Sunset in Echo Park.

For the sixteenth year, the Nihilist Cultural Foundation presented the Nihilist International Film Festival. This year’s evening of films was presented at the Echo Park Film Center. The show started at 8:30 pm on Friday, December 18. The festival included two hours of short films from around the country and around the world. The films range from troubling to hilarious, from profound to completely silly. Pretty much, something for everyone (except children and clergy).

Festival Director Elisha Shapiro commented, “Fifteen years of hilariously offensive short films…I really thought we would have caused the rapture by now. Guess there’s no downside to mocking all that’s holy.”

As a special feature, all those who bring their own televisions and arrive fifteen minutes early will be able to include their appliances in the traditional ritual Blessing of the Televisions featuring the high priestess of performance art, Anna Homler.

Entries for next year:

"If you've made a video that has appalled and offended other film festivals,"
says Nihilist Film Festival organizer Elisha Shapiro, "we're looking for you."
Artists and video-makers who want to submit videos for this year should send
an unprotected DVD (ntsc) copy to the:

Nihilist Film Festival
Box 36422
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Include a self-addressed-stamped envelop if you want your DVD returned.
The deadline is September 15, 2015.
If you have questions, you can e-mail


See last year's program below.

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The 2014 Nihilist Film Festival was held at
Echo Park Film Center on Friday, December 12 at 8:30.

Program 2014

Selected Films

Necrotic                   4 minutes      
Ross Williams            Oregon

A woman bitten by a zombie descends into madness, as the transformation overtakes her body and mind. - "I've wanted to make a zombie film since I was a kid. But with the over-proliferation of zombie films in the last decade, I didn't want to make one until I could say something new with it. This film is an attempt to look into a zombie's psyche." - Ross Williams - Necrotic, Director

Defense Mechanism        11 minutes
Sebastian Munoz                 Los Angeles

What would you do if the one you love asks you to do the unthinkable... and you only have minutes to decide?

Mona                         13 minutes
Alexis Barbosa

Gary, a robotics engineer, has developed a domestic android named Mona. He brings the humanoid robot home to carry out some tests. How will Gary's wife Marie react?

Electric Indigo                    24 minutes
Jean-Julien Collette                         Belgium

ELECTRIC INDIGO is a coming of age drama following the life of a little girl who never knew her mother and whose only reference is the love of two heterosexual fathers united by the bonds of a “non-carnal” marriage.
I wanted to explore my favorite themes in greater depth--the sexuality and the unstructured family in a modern and pluralistic society. In this particular case, I wanted to teach how some parents live a selfish life, preventing a child to develop. 
We live in a complex society where family ties, gender and sexuality are very broad. I think the reality is much more subtle. That’s why I wrote the film I wanted to see, asking myself: what would happen if?


Nihilist Olympics      12 minutes
Elisha Shapiro             Los Angeles

In 1984, conceptual artist Elisha Shapiro produced the Nihilist Olympics in Los Angeles concurrent with the 1984 Summer Olympic Games.  Editing and additional footage are by Tim Keenan.

Midwater              11 minutes
Anne Zinn-Justin     France

We share the fantasies of a pregnant woman, struggling to understand and accept the changes in what has become a foreign body. Dispossessed, she no longer controls neither time or space…  

Two Oranges And A Lemon         3 minutes
Kristie Reeves                                Los Angeles

A story about betrayal, love and revenge...
After finding out that her fiancé Andrew is a three-timer, Sky and her best friend Angie decide to take revenge and have Andrew kidnapped. But when the kidnapper delivers his package, the two women are in for a surprise.

Rusty Scraps Of Metal                  12 minutes
Saman Namnik                                  Iran
Two young men living in strange city, work during day. When night comes, they are tired and spent. They put up with each other, stand against the frozen time together, and rust separately.

Copycat                             8:12 minutes
Mauricio Sanhueza              Lima, Peru

Copycat: Anglo-American. 1. Someone who imitates or copies (style, dress, ideas, etc.) another person. 2. A type of crime committed by someone who copies or mimics the methods of another.

Throughout the centuries, dreams have been images that speak of the future. In modern times, dreams were seen as a connection to the unconscious. The character is pursuing the ultimate experience of freedom and glory, but when he reaches the sun, his wings begin to melt, and he falls into reality.
This project pays tribute to cinema in general because there are direct and indirect references to particular cult film scenes and characters: 1) F. Lang: "M" (1931), 2) S. Tsukamoto: "Tetsuo" (1989), 3) Maya Deren "Meshes of the Afternoon" (1943), 4) Leo Corbucci: D'Jango (1966), 5) CT Dreyer: 'Vampyr "(1932).

Audience Favorite Award
Grown Ups               10 minutes
Javier Marco              Spain

The current economical crisis is devastating, but there's always a way to get around it. 

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