Nihilist Film Festival

The 2016 Nihilist Film Festival
was be held at the Echo Park Film Center
on Friday, December 16 at 8:30
The Echo Park Film Center is located at 1200 N. Alvarado Street at Sunset in Echo Park.

For the seventeenth year, the Nihilist Cultural Foundation presented the Nihilist International Film Festival. This year’s evening of films was presented at the Echo Park Film Center. The show started at 8:30 pm on Friday, December 16. The festival included two hours of short films from around the country and around the world. The films range from troubling to hilarious, from profound to completely silly. Pretty much, something for everyone (except children and clergy).

Festival Director Elisha Shapiro commented, “Fifteen years of hilariously offensive short films…I really thought we would have caused the rapture by now. Guess there’s no downside to mocking all that’s holy.”

As a special feature, all those who bring their own televisions and arrive fifteen minutes early will be able to include their appliances in the traditional ritual Blessing of the Televisions featuring the high priestess of performance art, Anna Homler.

Entries for next year:

"If you've made a video that has appalled and offended other film festivals,"
says Nihilist Film Festival organizer Elisha Shapiro, "we're looking for you."
Artists and video-makers who want to submit videos for this year should send
an unprotected DVD (ntsc) copy to the:

Nihilist Film Festival
Box 36422
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Include a self-addressed-stamped envelop if you want your DVD returned.
The deadline is September 15, 2016.
If you have questions, you can e-mail


See last year's program below.

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The 2015 Nihilist Film Festival was held at
Echo Park Film Center on Friday, December 12 at 8:30.

Program 2015

Selected Films

Vertigo In Love 5 minutes
Paolo Benetazzo UK

Vertigo in Love is an experimental short film about contradictions and cliches. “I am an anarchist, a communist, a nazi. I am an Easter Island statue. A saint with a knife, a killer with a dream, a clown with a whore. My dear butterflies in blood, I am your cliché.”

Pregnant Man 15:30 minutes
Charlie Mars France

After falling pregnant, a man suffers many kinds of pressure : external and internal. Unless quite the opposite is true...

Effort 1 minute
Kuesti Fraun German

there is always a way

Mano A Mano 7 minutes
Hand In Hand
Ignacio Taty Spain

We can tolerate proximity with other on a crowded bus during rush-hour, so long as we keep our hands to ourselves. But when Laura notices she shares the handrail with a very attractive stranger, she decides to slide her hand a few inches towards his.

Stories From The Man Upstairs
8:26 minutes
J J Pollack Los Angeles

A skeptical journalist investigates a half-crazy man claiming to be the messiah. But perhaps his plan to save humanity through the power of funk music isn't as unbelievable as it sounds.


Audience Favorite Award
Natasha 5 minutes
Jason Gudasz Los Angeles

After a series of unsuccessful suicides, Natasha recalls the fates of her former suitors.

Amour & Commando 13 minutes
Love and Commando

Laurent Adroint and Stephane Duprat France

September 1944. After a dangerous mission, Lieutenant Steve Douglas goes to the infirmary where he meets a lovely nurse, Nathalie. They fall in love. But it’s difficult for Steve to reconcile his duty of being a soldier and his love life.

$600 18 min
Oriol Cardus Spain

Julian, a hired killer with many jobs behind him, is forced, due to an unexpected request, to rethink his life and the value it gives to the lives of others.

Duty 15 minutes
Angel Manzano Spain

Since childhood, Sonsoles has been fascinated by magic. So when the illusionist John Mistery invites her to join in a hypnosis show, she could not be happier. The problem is fulfilling her dream will be a nightmare for others ...

872 Days After the Nuclear Holocaust
4 minutes
Rebecca Addelman & Holly Prazoff Los Angeles

Holly and Rebecca give a super awesome tour of the post-nuclear holocaust United States of America.

Toys for Feral Children! 2 minutes
Heather Anne Campbell Los Angeles

Hey kids! Have you been abandoned in the wild? Then this commercial is for you! Introducing new Mrs. Clump of Dirt with a Stick and a Leaf!  

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